Brussels donates € 3.9 million to Dwingelderveld

The European Commission announced on November 29, 2009 that the Composition Dwingelderveld project can count on € 3.9 million LIFE+ funding for the period 2010-2015. This means that the grant application that was submitted a year ago was almost completely honored. The European Commission finances projects that contribute to the protection of Natura 2000-sites in Europe. She believes that the measures in the project plan for Dwingelderveld will have a positive effect on the growth of wet heath and on the formation of peat.

28d0d57cc0937d0cefe449326b0019fdFinances nearly finished

Now that the money from Brussels has been pledged, the financial aspect of the Composition Dwingelderveld project is practically finished. The province of Drenthe will also deliver 6.8 million to the project. The other parties involved, Water Board Reest and Wieden, municipalities Westerveld and De Wolden, Natuurmonumenten, State Forest Service, the implementing organization of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, and the National Park also donated nearly 4 million. They are represented in the Dwingelderveld Board Committee, which is responsible for the realization of the project. The first shovel hits the ground in mid-2010.575ae665e96d5e96b7b0456e45a870e4