If you like cycling, you will like the Dwingelderveld. The many kilometres of cycling paths, shell-paths, concrete and asphalt paths, will guarantee many hours of cycling fun. Cyclists will not easily get bored with the area, which is crisscrossed with many cycling paths…

Download cycling routes of various lengths
In 2015, a new cycle route was created, of which the main route will take you past many iconic sites in the area, such as the Holtveen, the radio telescope, Theehuys Anserdennen, the bird spotting wall at the Davidsplassen, and much more. “Extensions” of this route will take you past Dwingeloo, Anholt, Kraloo and Ruinen.The free flyer is available at the Visitors centre Dwingelderveld, but you can also download the pdf file here (pdf, 1 MB) and print it.

36 km ANWB cycling route from Spier
In 2014, the Kampioen (magazine of the ANWB) dedicated an article to the Dwingelderveld National Park. There is a Dutch proverb that says “Onbekend maakt onbemind”, or rather “Unknown is unloved”. But National Park Dwingelderveld has everything to make you instantly fall in love with it.  You can click here for a (pdf, 1 MB) direct link (pdf, 1 MB) to the Holtveen route.

Download 23 km route for ATB cyclists
ATB cyclists are also welcome in the Dwingelderveld.
Download the map of the route, which stretches over 23 kilometres, here (pdf, 255 kB).

Dwingelose heide fietsers DV 04-08-17 (7)[1] Fietsers DV 14-7-04 (8)[1]