National park Dwingelderveld



The Dwingelderveld is Europe's largest wet moorland area. It is covered by numerous fens and marsh flats featuring a wide variety of rare plants. At the same time, the moors are a habitat for rare species of butterflies and birds. The northern part of today's national park has been wooded since the mid-nineteenth century. There are beautiful pine forests in the Lheederzand and Lheebroekerzand, concealing small islands of idyllic moors and fens, such as the Zandveen (Sandmoor) and Groote veen (Big moore). The many characteristic juniper shrubs, clustered in vast thickets, are a very prominent feature.

The Dwingelderveld National Park is a heathland and woodland reserve of 3,700 hectares in the south-western part of the province of Drenthe in the Netherlands. This folder will help you find your way in the Dwingelderveld. Extensive moors, idyllic fens


Out and about in nature

The conservation organisations have provided many facilities to make your visit to the park a success. Remember the paths can be very muddy, especially in the autumn and winter. So good walking boots are advisable.

Behave like a guest

Always keep in mind that you are a guest in the Dwingelderveld. You are welcome to enjoy the flora and fauna, as long as you do not harm nature or damage any property. Stay on the tracks and behave like a guest ...


Many different landscapes

In the Dwingelderveld, you can enjoy many different landscapes. It is a very diverse area and many nature lovers and vacationers are coming each year. The area is crossed by many hiking and biking trails, marked and unmarked, paved and unpaved. This allows you to come in large parts of the area. However, you may not like the path. In the whole area may not dogs run loose, unless specially designated areas. More information on this can be found under the link Visitor information. Also, dogs are not allowed on tour.